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DraGonis - Anime Vocal Pack & Serum Skin

DraGonis - Anime Vocal Pack & Serum Skin

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DraGonis Anime vocal pack volume 1 contains a bunch of cute yet unprecedented anime girl voices used in his "My Heart EP." Purchasers of this pack will receive an additional Anime Serum Skin as a bonus.

This pack includes:
- 38 Phrases
- 56 Shouts
- 44 Words
+ Bonuses
+ DraGonis Anime Serum Skin


By DraGonis

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DraGonis Anime Serum Skin

The most sought-after serum skin in the Basstown community. It is filled with the best waifus in on the surface of a legendary VST. Many wonder where to acquire such a noble piece of art, but the truth you, you don't acquire it. You find it.