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CMBNEX Is a powerful 4 oscillator VST3 synth with a unique tuneable 2 dimensional waveshaper and 3 combiners that use several algorithms to combine incoming signals. All parameters have 4 slots for internal modulation from several modulation sources like envelopes, LFOs, and macros.

Made by Kaixo Music

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CMBNEX is equipped with 4 oscillators with the option to do up to 8 voices of unison, each with their own waveshaper, wavefolder, drive, and filter. Each of these little modules can be toggled on and off, and they will be applied on the signal from left to right.


A Combiner has 2 inputs, marked with roman numerals. Those inputs will be combined using several algorithms. Each algorithm has a separate mix slider, so you have fine control over the mix of each of them. The results of each algorithm is then summed up and fed into the wavefolder, drive, and filter. Since some of the combiner algorithms can create incredibly strange waveforms, the result is always clipped.

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Full tutorial (coming soon)

In this short video, DraGonis explains how to use CMBNEX